Qualification stands for quality and flexibility

All employees of mh2 are skilled workers in the areas of steel construction or welding technology, or engineers with a technical background. The entire mh2 team has the following offshore qualifications for the performance of offshore work:

  • Medical offshore fitness examination according to the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften e.V., AWMF)
  • GWO First Aid Training
  • GWO Sea Survival Training
  • GWO Fire Awareness Training
  • GWO Training for working at heights and according to the specifications of the German statutory accident insurers
  • Helicopter Training – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • Qualification as person trained in electrical engineering (elektrotechnisch unterwiesene Person, EuP)
  • GWO Manual Handling Training

Welding technology:

  • Specialist welding engineer according to ISO 14731
  • Welding specialist according to ISO 14731
  • Certified welder (111, 141, 136, 138) according to ISO 9606

Corrosion protection:

  • FROSIO Inspector Level III according to NS 476
  • Group leader (KOR certificate) according to ZTV-ING 4-31
  • Triflex Towersafe User

Non-destructive testing:

  • Visual Inspection Level 2 (VT2) according to ISO 9712
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Level 2 (MT2) according to ISO 9712
  • Dye Penetration Testing Level 2 (PT2) according to ISO 9712
  • Measurement of preload force by ultrasonic (Intellifast & Dakota MAX II)

Industrial climbing:

  • Industrial climber according to FISAT2 for all levels

Expert services:

  • Certified expert for offshore structures according to ISO 17024

Crane operation:

  • Crane operator according to BGG 921 and DGUV Principle 309-003
  • Crane operator for UNIC mini cranes B-506 and B-775

Qualified persons:

  • Qualified person for the inspection of slings according to BGR3 500 or DGUV4 Rule 100-500
  • Qualified person for the inspection of ladders and steps according to BGV D36 or DGUV Regulation 208-016
  • Qualified person for the inspection fixed ladders and manhole steps according to ASR A1.8 and DGUV Information 208-032
  • Qualified person for the inspection of winches, lifting and towing equipment according to BGV-D8 or DGUV Regulation 54


  • Expert for PPE against falls from heights according to BGG 906 or DGUV Principle 312-906
  • Expert for the periodic inspection of Latchways Sealed SRL fall arrest devices
  • Expert for Söll & Avanti fall arrest ladders
  • Qualified person for the clearance measurement of vessels and confined spaces according to DGUV Principle 313-002